September 22, 2021

3 Quick Steps to Convert XLS to PDF Online


Help your readers get the best reading experience in reviewing your Excel spreadsheet by converting your file to PDF. Because PDF is accessible, portable, and great for file viewing, people have been switching to PDF file formats these days. Plus, they are very reliable file formats because they are read-only documents, meaning they cannot be edited or modified. This is also very important since Excel files are usually holding data information and content.


Many websites will help you convert your files to PDF. Among them is PDFBear, a free site that offers a wide selection of PDF tools and services. With it, you will never go wrong dealing with PDF documents. In this article, get to try the best file conversion experience with PDFBear and us. In just three steps, your conversion will be done and completed.

1.  Upload Your Excel File to PDFBear’s Site


Supposing that you have arrived on PDFBear’s website, the first thing you need to do from there is to go to the Excel to PDF conversion tool. You can find it among the array of PDF tools and services arranged on their homepage. You will be directed to the xls to pdf tool page, where the file conversion will be done.

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On the tool page, you will find a workspace area. Our first step is to upload our Excel file to the server. To upload your file, simply click the Select File button at the center of the workspace. Then, a window from your device’s file library will appear. Locate and select the Excel file you want to convert, then proceed by clicking Open. Your Excel file will be uploaded immediately to the server.


And if you are using a laptop or desktop computer to access the website, another easy and convenient method to upload the Excel file to the server is to select it from its file location, drag it toward the workspace area, then drop the file. It will be loaded to the server right after.


For PDFBear users who are subscribed to their membership plan, you are eligible for file batch processing. This means that you can upload and convert multiple files at once. If you are considering signing up for PDFBear’s pro tools and features, the site also offers a 14-day free trial period. Here you can be able to access and explore their pro features and tools that will surely come in handy, so give it a try!

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2. Wait for the Conversion to Finish


After the Excel file is uploaded to their server, the site will load the file for a few seconds, process it, and then move on to the file conversion. In this step, while you are waiting, they will do all the work and convert your Excel file to PDF.


In the workspace area, you will see the percentage of the progress being made in the uploading and conversion process. The waiting time would typically take only a few seconds to a minute, mainly depending on the size of your Excel file or the speed of your internet connection. Some files are processed a bit longer as they may have high-resolution content or large data. Nonetheless, PDFBear works the fastest it can go. And you wouldn’t have to think about your file’s quality because PDFBear will make sure that it will never be compromised and that they will produce files of the best quality!

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3. Download and Share the PDF File


We are finally on our final step! Although we are on our final step already, PDFBear does not stop in giving us the best service when it comes to downloading and sharing our files. Their tools and features are convenient and extremely user-friendly.


To download the newly converted PDF file to your device, just click the Download button, and your internet browser will automatically save the file to the Downloads folder of your device through the site.


File-sharing is also made easy with PDFBear. There is a generated shareable link that you can copy and send to your recipients. By just clicking the link, your recipients will be able to download and have a copy of your PDF file by being directed to the site. You can also send the link and share the PDF file via e-mail. Click the Mail button, and enter the necessary e-mail addresses requested. And as for the link, it is only available for the coming 14 days. After that, the link will become invalid, and the file will be removed from the site.

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The original filename of the Excel file will still be used even after its file conversion. However, there is a pro tool that will allow you to remain your file before downloading, sharing, and sending it.



If you wish to continue working with your newly converted PDF file, PDFBear has provided some of its most used PDF tools below the workspace, such as PDF to PPT, Merge PDF, Split PDF, PDF to JPG, and Edit PDF. Feel free to check them out! PDFBear is open to everyone, free to use, user-friendly, very accessible, and there’s no limit to the number of times you can visit the site. So you know where to always come back to for anything PDF-related!



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